Hilfe, Ich Hab Meine Freunde Geschrumpft

Help, I Shrunk My Friends

Melanie (14) is a new pupil at the Otto Leonhard High School, and Felix takes a real shine to this newbie, who’s upbeat and feisty, albeit sometimes seeming a little naïve – much to the annoyance of Ella and Felix’s gang. They believe that Melanie is responsible for a number of small thefts that have been happening at the school since she arrived.

Events take a drastic turn when the class goes on a school trip with head teacher Schmitti, Felix’s Dad as a replacement teacher and all the museum objects belonging to the benevolent school ghost Otto Leonhard. They travel to the little place where the ghost was born to set up an exhibition there. To protect his magic objects Otto Leonhard has taught Felix the secret art of shrinking. When Felix’s friends almost mess up his date with Melanie, he shrinks them spontaneously to a tenth of their size...

Co-Production Company: Potemkino
In collaboration with Location Scout: Wim Verstraete
Director: Granz Henman